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Axolotl Internal Organs

External Body Parts

Life Stages (.jpg | .psd)


Gastrulation (.psd | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5)




Embryo Stage Series

Stages 1-13

Stages 14-22

Stages 23-30

Stages 31-35

Stages 36-40

Stages 41-44


Natural History


Lake Xochimilco | Angle 1 (Small) | Angle 2 (Small) | Angle 3

Xochimilco Canal (Angle 1 | Angle 2)

Fishing in the Canal (On the Canal | Fish that Axolotls Eat in the Wild | Catching Axolotls)

Mesoamerica Map

Aztec Drawings (1 | 2 | 3)


Chimeras Made by High School Students


Head Grafts (1 | 2)


Animal Pix


5 Axolotls

Closeup of an Axolotl's Front (White and Black of Second Image)

Axolotl and Tiger Salamander

Axolotl Leg

Single Axolotl

Another Axolotl

A Third Axolotl!

3 Axolotls in an Aquarium

Tub o' Females

Whites and Albinos

Fun Facts

Why do axolotls retain a juvenile appearance throughout life?

Several salamanders, including the axolotl, retain juvenile characteristics as adults and are called paedomorphic.

The entire axolotl life cycle is spent under water, from birth to mating.

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