We are still continuing to see an increase in the number of orders we receive for larger larvae and juveniles.  To try and meet the demands, we ask researchers to give us plenty of notice (1-3 months) before they actually need the large order.  We generally have no problem meeting quantities of 30-50 larvae when they are requested at the 2-3cm size or hatchling.  However, as the larvae get older, they need more space, thus more man-power to rear.  When quantities greater than 15 are needed of one single color type, we will need to separate those individuals out from their usual larvae rack so that natural selection among our group-housed larvae doesn't naturally cull out the quantities we need.  Therefore, we have instated Rearing Fees on these special request orders.  If the customer cannot accept the smaller size currently available for his/her quantity needs (and then rear the animals at his/her own facility until the proper size), then we will special rear them here, ourselves. The fee for rearing small larvae (from 2-3cm size up to the 3-5cm size) is $2.00 per animal.  The fee for rearing juveniles (from 3-5cm size up to 5-8cm or 8-12cm) is $5.00 per animal. Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us anytime.  Thank you!