Shipping Information

Embryos, larvae, and adults are usually shipped by UPS unless the recipient requests another method. AGSC staff are happy to charge the shipping directly to your university shipping account (FedEx or UPS).

AGSC requests that you please return the boxes and ice packs in which your order is shipped (except for overseas shipments) so that they can be reused to keep costs down.

All shipments to destinations outside of the United States require a special CITES permit because of the status of axolotls on the Endangered Species List (Appendix 2). Some countries may require an import permit as well. Because of problems with clearance that we have encountered in recent months, the recipient must inquire of the receiving country's CITES Management Authority to determine local requirements. We will fax documents in advance if necessary.

International Shipments

AGSC uses a freight forwarder, Avico International to assist with international shipments. This company acts as AGSC's agent in New York (the port of export) and makes sure that all packages get inspected and go out with the proper paperwork and on time. Although the additional fees make the material more expensive for the user, Avico saves a world of trouble with lost packages, unstamped paperwork, and delayed delivery that made international shipments so frustrating before for everyone concerned.

AGSC would like to recommend Avico International to anyone needing to send animals through New York. This company is easy to work with, easy to contact, and extremely reliable at getting packages booked and shepherded through customs without delays. They can be contacted by calling 718-978-3064 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..