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Axolotl Internal Organs

External Body Parts

Life Stages (.jpg | .psd)


Gastrulation (.psd | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5)




Embryo Stage Series

Stages 1-13

Stages 14-22

Stages 23-30

Stages 31-35

Stages 36-40

Stages 41-44


Natural History


Lake Xochimilco | Angle 1 (Small) | Angle 2 (Small) | Angle 3

Xochimilco Canal (Angle 1 | Angle 2)

Fishing in the Canal (On the Canal | Fish that Axolotls Eat in the Wild | Catching Axolotls)

Mesoamerica Map

Aztec Drawings (1 | 2 | 3)


Chimeras Made by High School Students


Head Grafts (1 | 2)


Animal Pix


5 Axolotls

Closeup of an Axolotl's Front (White and Black of Second Image)

Axolotl and Tiger Salamander

Axolotl Leg

Single Axolotl

Another Axolotl

A Third Axolotl!

3 Axolotls in an Aquarium

Tub o' Females

Whites and Albinos

Fun Facts

What’s the difference between a newt and an axolotl?

A newt is a salamander but not all salamanders are newts.

There are 9 different families of salamanders and the family Salimandridae contains all of the various newt species.

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